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两个 Two ljɑŋ˨˩˦ kɤ˥˩

Written by Carole Bloch

Illustrated by Richard MacIntosh

Translated by dohliam

Read by Zhuo Sun

Language Chinese (Mandarin)

Level Level 1

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Two little hands to hold.

ljɑŋ˨˩˦ ʈʂɚ˨˩˦ ʂoʊ˨˩˦ @用来 na˧˥ @东西


Two little feet to kick.

ljɑŋ˨˩˦ ʈʂɚ˨˩˦ tɕjɑʊ˨˩˦ @用来 tʰi˥˥ tʰi˥˥ tɕʰjoʊ˧˥


Two little eyes to see.

ljɑŋ˨˩˦ ʈʂɚ˨˩˦ jɛn˨˩˦ tɕɪŋ˧ @用来 kʰan˥˩ kʰan˥˩


Two little ears to hear.

ljɑŋ˨˩˦ ʈʂɚ˨˩˦ ɕjɑʊ˨˩˦ aɻ˨˩˦ tuɔ˧ @用来 tʰɪŋ˥˥ tʰɪŋ˥˥


And two loving arms to HUG!

xaɪ˧˥ joʊ˨˩˦ ljɑŋ˨˩˦ ʈʂɚ˨˩˦ ɕjɑʊ˨˩˦ ʂoʊ˨˩˦ @用来 pɑʊ˥˩ pɑʊ˥˩

Written by: Carole Bloch
Illustrated by: Richard MacIntosh
Translated by: dohliam
Read by: Zhuo Sun
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Level 1
Source: Two from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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