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Bana Babunzuka Children of wax Les enfants de cire

Written by Southern African Folktale

Illustrated by Wiehan de Jager

Translated by Chester Mwanza

Language ChiTonga

Level Level 2

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Kaindi, kwakali mukwashi wakali kukala cakukomana.

Once upon a time, there lived a happy family.

Il était une fois une famille bien heureuse.

Tibakali kulwana pe. Bakali kugwasha bazyali ang’anda akumunda.

They never fought with each other. They helped their parents at home and in the fields.

Ils ne se disputaient jamais. Ils aidaient leurs parents à la maison et dans les champs.

Pesi tibakali kuzumizyigwa kuswena munsi amulilo.

But they were not allowed to go near a fire.

Mais ils n’avaient pas le droit de s’approcher d’un feu.

Bakali kujata ncito zyonse masiku. Nkambo bakali pangidwe abunzuka.

They had to do all their work during the night. Because they were made of wax!

Ils devaient faire tout leur travail pendant la nuit. Puisqu’ils étaient faits de cire !

Pesi umwi wabasankwa wakalikuyandishisha kuti aunke muzuba.

But one of the boys longed to go out in the sunlight.

Mais un des garçons désirait se promener au soleil.

Bumwi buzuba kuyandishisha kwakakomena. Bakulana bakwe bakamucenjezya …

One day the longing was too strong. His brothers warned him…

Un jour son désir était trop puissant. Ses frères l’avertirent…

Pesi bakacelwa. Wakasungunuka muzuba ipya.

But it was too late! He melted in the hot sun.

Mais c’était trop tard ! Il fondit au soleil brûlant.

Bana babunzuka bakausa kapati kubona mukulana wabo kasungunuka.

The wax children were so sad to see their brother melting away.

Les enfants de cire étaient si tristes de voir leur frère fondre.

Pesi bakajana nzila. Bakabweza bunzuka bwakasungunuka akubumba ciyuni.

But they made a plan. They shaped the lump of melted wax into a bird.

Mais ils firent un plan. Ils façonnèrent le morceau de cire fondue en oiseau.

Bakabika cibumbwa atala amulundu.

They took their bird brother up to a high mountain.

Ils apportèrent leur frère l’oiseau jusqu’au sommet d’une montagne haute.

Niyakazwa Izuba, wakauluka kaimba nyimbo mumuumuni wamafumofumo.

And as the sun rose, he flew away singing into the morning light.

Et lorsque le soleil se leva, il s’envola vers la lumière du matin en chantant.

Written by: Southern African Folktale
Illustrated by: Wiehan de Jager
Translated by: Chester Mwanza
Language: ChiTonga
Level: Level 2
Source: Children of wax from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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