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Currently there are 1177 translations in 39 languages

We are translating the wonderful stories from the African Storybook Project into as many languages as possible.

To learn about the project and our goals, take a look at the about page. For a more detailed overview, see our main project page on GitHub.

You can browse all of the translated stories in pdf format, or click the link above to see a list of all translations and download links in many other formats.

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There is a master list of source stories from the African Storybook Project. Most of these haven't been translated yet, but feel free to pick one you like and start translating!

In order to make sure that these stories are as widely usable and reusable as possible, we try to make them available in a variety of audio, text, and image formats (for example, plain text, html, PDF, Epub, Open Document, ogg, mp3).

Click here to visit the main project page on github, or use the download links on the stories page to get all the available formats in one package.

Also check out our related project using storybook images from ASP:

ASP Image Bank Explorer

More storybook resources we are working on:

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