The goal of this project is to translate the freely-licensed materials created by the African Storybook Project into all of the world’s languages so that children everywhere can enjoy these wonderful African stories and create new ones in the same spirit of sharing, literacy, and open access.

All languages are welcome, although translations into African languages should usually be directed to the African Storybook Project main site. We are particularly interested in translations into languages that have very few resources for early childhood learning. For example, if you are involved in indigenous language revitalization, we would love it if you could join the project. Creole, pidgin, minority and endangered languages are other examples where children’s literature can be extremely difficult to find.

If you want to help translate these stories, you can get started right away with our online translator app.

If you are familiar with git you can also fork the project on github, or get in touch with us by email!

All of the ASP and Global-ASP stories are Creative Commons-licensed. By contributing a translation to the project you agree to release your work under a Creative Commons license (either CC-BY or CC-BY-NC) in accordance with the license of the original story.