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Veja os animais Veja os animais Mira a los animales

Written by Jenny Katz

Illustrated by Sandy Campbell

Translated by Priscilla Freitas de Oliveira

Read by Alfredo Ferreira

Language Portuguese

Level Level 1

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Veja os animais.

Veja os animais.

Mira a los animales.

A vaca diz, “muuu.”

A vaca diz, "muuu."

La vaca dice, "Muu."

A cabra diz, “mé, mé.”

A cabra diz, "mé, mé."

La cabra dice, "Be, be."

O cavalo diz. “iihhh.”

O cavalo diz. "iihhh."

El caballo dice, "Hin."

O porco diz, “ronc, ronc.”

O porco diz, "ronc, ronc."

El cerdo dice, "Oink-oink."

A galinha diz, “cocoricó.”

A galinha diz, "cocoricó."

La gallina dice, "Cló-cló."

O cachorro diz, “au, au.”

O cachorro diz, "au, au."

El perro dice, "Guau."

O fazendeiro diz, “xiu!”

O fazendeiro diz, "xiu!"

El granjero dice, "¡Chsss!"

Written by: Jenny Katz
Illustrated by: Sandy Campbell
Translated by: Priscilla Freitas de Oliveira
Read by: Alfredo Ferreira
Language: Portuguese
Level 1
Source: Look at the animals from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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