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Children of wax 밀랍 아이들

Written by Southern African Folktale

Illustrated by Wiehan de Jager

Read by Darshan Soni

Language English

Level Level 2

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Once upon a time, there lived a happy family.

옛날 옛날에, 한 행복한 가족이 살았어요.

They never fought with each other. They helped their parents at home and in the fields.

아이들은 절대 서로 싸우지 않았어요. 그들은 부모님을 집과 밭에서 도와드렸어요.

But they were not allowed to go near a fire.

그러나 아이들은 불 가까이에 갈 수 없었어요.

They had to do all their work during the night. Because they were made of wax!

그들은 모든 일을 밤에 해야 했어요. 왜냐면 그들은 밀랍으로 만들어져 있기 때문이었죠!

But one of the boys longed to go out in the sunlight.

그러나 소년들 중 하나는 햇빛 아래 나가고 싶었어요.

One day the longing was too strong. His brothers warned him…

어느 날 가고 싶은 마음이 너무 컸죠. 그의 형제들은 그에게 경고했어요…

But it was too late! He melted in the hot sun.

하지만 너무 늦었어요! 그는 뜨거운 태양 아래 녹아버렸어요.

The wax children were so sad to see their brother melting away.

밀랍 아이들은 형제가 녹아버리는 것을 보는게 너무 슬펐어요.

But they made a plan. They shaped the lump of melted wax into a bird.

그러나 아이들은 계획을 세웠어요. 아이들은 녹은 밀랍덩이를 새 모양으로 빚었어요.

They took their bird brother up to a high mountain.

아이들은 새가 된 형제를 한 높은 산으로 가져갔어요.

And as the sun rose, he flew away singing into the morning light.

그리고 해가 뜨자, 그는 아침 빛 속으로 노래를 부르며 날아갔어요.

Written by: Southern African Folktale
Illustrated by: Wiehan de Jager
Read by: Darshan Soni
Language: English
Level: Level 2
Source: Children of wax from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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