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Tingi and the cows 틴지와 소들

Written by Ingrid Schechter

Illustrated by Ingrid Schechter

Read by Darshan Soni

Language English

Level Level 2

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Tingi lived with his grandmother.

틴지는 할머니랑 살았어요.

He used to look after the cows with her.

틴지는 할머니와 소들을 키웠어요.

One day the soldiers came.

어느 날 군인들이 왔어요.

They took the cows away.

군인들이 소들을 데려갔어요.

Tingi and his grandmother ran away and hid.

틴지와 할머니는 도망쳐서 숨었어요.

They hid in the bush until night.

그들은 밤까지 숲 속에 숨었어요.

Then the soldiers came back.

군인들이 돌아 왔어요.

Grandmother hid Tingi under the leaves.

할머니는 틴지를 나뭇잎 밑에 숨겼어요.

One of the soldiers put his foot right on him, but he kept quiet.

한 군인이 틴지를 밟았는데 틴지는 가만히 있었어요.

When it was safe, Tingi and his grandmother came out.

안전해졌을 때, 틴지랑 할머니는 밖으로 나왔어요.

They crept home very quietly.

그들은 아주 조용히 집으로 기어 왔어요.

Written by: Ingrid Schechter
Illustrated by: Ingrid Schechter
Read by: Darshan Soni
Language: English
Level: Level 2
Source: Tingi and the Cows from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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