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Посмотри на животных Look at the animals

Written by Jenny Katz

Illustrated by Sandy Campbell

Translated by Ania Voznaia

Language Russian

Level Level 1

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Посмотри на животных.

Look at the animals.

Корова говорит, “Му-у-у.”

The cow says, “Moo.”

Козёл говорит, “Ме-е-е.”

The goat says, “Meh, meh.”

Лошадь говорит, “Иго-го.”

The horse says, “Neigh.”

Свинья говорит, “Хрю-хрю.”

The pig says, “Grunt.”

Курица говорит, “Ко-ко-ко.”

The chicken says, “Cluck.”

Собака говорит, “Гав-гав.”

The dog says, “Woof.”

Фермер говорит, “Тс-с-с!”

The farmer says, “Shhh!”

Written by: Jenny Katz
Illustrated by: Sandy Campbell
Translated by: Ania Voznaia
Language: Russian
Level: Level 1
Source: Look at the animals from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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