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ነዞም እንስሳታት ርኣይዎም Look at the animals Regardez les animaux

Written by Jenny Katz

Illustrated by Sandy Campbell

Translated by Daniel Berhane Habte

Language Tigrinya

Level Level 1

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ነዞም እንስሳታት ርኣይዎም።

Look at the animals.

Regardez les animaux.

እታ ላም፡ “እምባሕ” ትብል።

The cow says, “Moo.”

La vache dit, « Meuh. »

እታ ጤል፡ “ሜእ፡ ሜእ” ትብል።

The goat says, “Meh, meh.”

La chèvre dit, « Bêê, bêê. »

እቲ ፈረስ፡ “ንሂሂ” ይብል።

The horse says, “Neigh.”

Le cheval dit, « Hiiii. »

እታ ሓሰማ፡ “ኵሪፍ” ትብል።

The pig says, “Grunt.”

Le cochon dit, « Groin, groin. »

እታ ደርሆ፡ “ቃቃቕ” ትብል።

The chicken says, “Cluck.”

La poule dit, « Cot-cot. »

እቲ ከልቢ፡ “ውሕ” ይብል።

The dog says, “Woof.”

Le chien dit, « Wouf. »

እቲ ሓረስታይ፡ “እሽ…!” ይብል።

The farmer says, “Shhh!”

Le fermier dit, « Chut ! »

Written by: Jenny Katz
Illustrated by: Sandy Campbell
Translated by: Daniel Berhane Habte
Language: Tigrinya
Level: Level 1
Source: Look at the animals from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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