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تینگی وَ گاوها Tingi and the cows

Written by Ingrid Schechter

Illustrated by Ingrid Schechter

Translated by Marzieh Mohammadian Haghighi

Read by Nasim Peikazadi

Language Persian

Level Level 2

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تینگی با مادَربُزُرگَش زِندگی می‌کَرد.

Tingi lived with his grandmother.

او عادَت داشت کِه با مادَربُزُرگ اَز گاوها مُراقِبَت کُنَد.

He used to look after the cows with her.

یِک روز سَربازها آمَدَند.

One day the soldiers came.

آنها گاوها را با خودَشان بُردَند.

They took the cows away.

تینگی وَمادَربُزُرگَش فَرار کَردَند وَ پِنهان شُدَند.

Tingi and his grandmother ran away and hid.

آنها دَریِک بوتِه تا شَب مَخفی شُدَند.

They hid in the bush until night.

سَربازها دوباره برگَشتَند.

Then the soldiers came back.

مادَربُزُرگ تینگی را زیر بَرگ ها قایِم کَرد.

Grandmother hid Tingi under the leaves.

یِکی اَز سَربازها پایَش را دُرُست رویِ تینگی گُذاشت وَلی او ساکِت ماند.

One of the soldiers put his foot right on him, but he kept quiet.

وَقتی کِه هَمه چیز آرام شُد، تینگی وَمادَر بُزُرگَش بیرون آمَدَند.

When it was safe, Tingi and his grandmother came out.

آنها خِیلی آرام به خانِه رَفتَند.

They crept home very quietly.

Written by: Ingrid Schechter
Illustrated by: Ingrid Schechter
Translated by: Marzieh Mohammadian Haghighi
Read by: Nasim Peikazadi
Language: Persian
Level: Level 2
Source: Tingi and the Cows from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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