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Castigo Punishment

Written by Adelheid Marie Bwire

Illustrated by Melany Pietersen

Translated by Karina Vásquez

Read by Áurea Vericat

Language Spanish

Level Level 2

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Un día, mamá trajo mucha fruta.

One day, mama got a lot of fruit.

“¿Cuándo podemos comer fruta?” le preguntamos. “Esta noche comeremos fruta,” dice mamá.

“When can we have some fruit?” we ask. “We will have the fruit tonight,” says mama.

Mi hermano Rahim es glotón. Prueba toda la fruta. Come mucha.

My brother Rahim is greedy. He tastes all the fruit. He eats a lot of it.

“¡Mira lo que hizo Rahim!” grita mi hermano pequeño. “Rahim es travieso y egoísta,” le respondo.

“Look at what Rahim did!” shouts my little brother. “Rahim is naughty and selfish,” I say.

Mamá se enoja con Rahim.

Mother is angry with Rahim.

Nosotros también nos enojamos con Rahim. Pero Rahim no está arrepentido.

We are also angry with Rahim. But Rahim is not sorry.

“¿No vas a castigar a Rahim?” pregunta mi hermano pequeño.

“Aren’t you going to punish Rahim?” asks little brother.

“Rahim, pronto te arrepentirás,” le advierte mamá.

“Rahim, soon you will be sorry,” warns mama.

Rahim empieza a sentir náuseas.

Rahim starts to feel sick.

“Me duele mucho el estómago,” susurra Rahim.

“My tummy is so sore,” whispers Rahim.

Mamá sabía que esto pasaría. ¡La fruta está castigando a Rahim!

Mama knew this would happen. The fruit is punishing Rahim!

Más tarde, Rahim nos pide disculpas. “No volveré a ser tan glotón,” promete. Y todos aceptamos su promesa.

Later, Rahim says sorry to us. “I will never be so greedy again,” he promises. And we all believe him.

Written by: Adelheid Marie Bwire
Illustrated by: Melany Pietersen
Translated by: Karina Vásquez
Read by: Áurea Vericat
Language: Spanish
Level: Level 2
Source: Punishment from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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