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Kam dadua A very tall man Na longie man o

Written by Cornelius Gulere

Illustrated by Catherine Groenewald

Language Kanuri

Level Level 2

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Banonju jauro kori.

His hoe was too short.

Em hoe na kpuku.

Ci ngimnjuye jauro cidiyan.

His doorway was too low.

Em door to enta house na tuketuke.

Dǝgǝlnju jauro kori.

His bed was too short.

Em bed sef tintiny.

Belonju jauro gana.

His bicycle was too short.

Em bicycle sef na tintiny oo.

Kam adǝ dadua.

This man was too tall!

D man en e long no be small thing.

Banonjuro ka kuruwu kikkaro.

He made a very long hoe handle.

D hoe hand e construct na longie size.

Ciya ngimnjuye kurajiyi.

He made very high door frames.

D door body e make sef dey tall.

Dǝgǝl jauro kura cǝtandiǝ.

He made a very long bed.

Em bed en na size every.

Belo dadua ciwo.

He bought a very high bicycle.

D bicycle e buy dey tall.

Kǝla kuris daduayen napce, furshet kuran masǝna kido.

He sat on a very high chair. He ate with a very long fork.

E siddon for tall chair. E come take long fork chop.

Fanju kolje, leje curo dǝrren saa kadaro napken.

He left his house and lived in a big forest. He lived for many years.

E leave em house come patch for wan kain bush. E don dey dere ta.

Written by: Cornelius Gulere
Illustrated by: Catherine Groenewald
Language: Kanuri
Level: Level 2
Source: A very tall man from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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