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Ein sehr großer Mann A very tall man

Written by Cornelius Gulere

Illustrated by Catherine Groenewald

Translated by Lisa Birkner

Read by Jula Eberth

Language German

Level Level 2

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Seine Hacke war zu kurz.

His hoe was too short.

Sein Türrahmen war zu niedrig.

His doorway was too low.

Sein Bett war zu kurz.

His bed was too short.

Sein Fahrrad war zu klein.

His bicycle was too short.

Dieser Mann war zu groß!

This man was too tall!

Er bastelte einen sehr langen Griff für die Hacke.

He made a very long hoe handle.

Er stellte sehr hohe Türrahmen her.

He made very high door frames.

Er stellte ein sehr langes Bett her.

He made a very long bed.

Er kaufte ein sehr großes Fahrrad.

He bought a very high bicycle.

Er saß auf einem sehr hohen Stuhl. Er aß mit einer sehr langen Gabel.

He sat on a very high chair. He ate with a very long fork.

Er verließ sein Haus und lebte in einem großen Wald. Er lebte viele Jahre lang.

He left his house and lived in a big forest. He lived for many years.

Written by: Cornelius Gulere
Illustrated by: Catherine Groenewald
Translated by: Lisa Birkner
Read by: Jula Eberth
Language: German
Level: Level 2
Source: A very tall man from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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