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萨可满的歌声 Sakima's song

Written by Ursula Nafula

Illustrated by Peris Wachuka

Translated by Vicky Liu

Read by Zhuo Sun

Language Chinese (Mandarin)

Level Level 3

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Sakima lived with his parents and his four year old sister. They lived on a rich man’s land. Their grass-thatched hut was at the end of a row of trees.


When Sakima was three years old, he fell sick and lost his sight. Sakima was a talented boy.


Sakima did many things that other six year old boys did not do. For example, he could sit with older members of the village and discuss important matters.


The parents of Sakima worked at the rich man’s house. They left home early in the morning and returned late in the evening. Sakima was left with his little sister.


Sakima loved to sing songs. One day his mother asked him, “Where do you learn these songs from, Sakima?”


Sakima answered, “They just come, mother. I hear them in my head and then I sing.”


Sakima liked to sing for his little sister, especially, if she felt hungry. His sister would listen to him singing his favourite song. She would sway to the soothing tune.


“Can you sing it again and again, Sakima,” his sister would beg him. Sakima would accept and sing it over and over again.


One evening when his parents returned home, they were very quiet. Sakima knew that there was something wrong.


“What is wrong, mother, father?” Sakima asked. Sakima learned that the rich man’s son was missing. The man was very sad and lonely.


“I can sing for him. He might be happy again,” Sakima told his parents. But his parents dismissed him. “He is very rich. You are only a blind boy. Do you think your song will help him?”


However, Sakima did not give up. His little sister supported him. She said, “Sakima’s songs soothe me when I am hungry. They will soothe the rich man too.”


The following day, Sakima asked his little sister to lead him to the rich man’s house.


He stood below one big window and began to sing his favourite song. Slowly, the head of the rich man began to show through the big window.


The workers stopped what they were doing. They listened to Sakima’s beautiful song. But one man said, “Nobody has been able to console the boss. Does this blind boy think he will console him?”


Sakima finished singing his song and turned to leave. But the rich man rushed out and said, “Please sing again.”


At that very moment, two men came carrying someone on a stretcher. They had found the rich man’s son beaten up and left on the side of the road.


The rich man was so happy to see his son again. He rewarded Sakima for consoling him. He took his son and Sakima to hospital so Sakima could regain his sight.

Written by: Ursula Nafula
Illustrated by: Peris Wachuka
Translated by: Vicky Liu
Read by: Zhuo Sun
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Level: Level 3
Source: Sakima's song from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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