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Tanba sá Hipopótamo sira la iha fulun Why hippos have no hair

Written by Basilio Gimo, David Ker

Illustrated by Carol Liddiment

Translated by Vitalina dos Santos

Read by Aurelio da Costa, Vitalina dos Santos, Criscencia R. Da Costa Viana

Language Tetum

Level Level 2

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Loron ida, Koellu la’o hela iha mota ninin.

One day, Rabbit was walking by the riverside.

Hipopótamo moos iha ne’ebá, la’o hela no han du’ut ne’ebé kapás no verde.

Hippo was there too, going for a stroll and eating some nice green grass.

Hipopótamo la haree katak Koellu iha ne’ebá no la iha intensaun atu sama Koellu nia ain. Koellu hahú hakilar ba Hipopótamo, “O Hipopótamo! O la bele haree katak o sama ona ha’u nia ain?”

Hippo didn’t see that Rabbit was there and she accidentally stepped on Rabbit’s foot. Rabbit started screaming at Hippo, “You Hippo! Can’t you see that you’re stepping on my foot?”

Hipopótamo husu deskulpa ba Koellu, “Deskulpa bo’ot. Ha’u la haree o. Favor ida perdua ha’u!” maibé Koellu la rona no nia hakilar Hipopótamo, “O halo finzi! Loron ruma, o sei haree! O sei selu mak ne’e!”

Hippo apologised to Rabbit, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. Please forgive me!” But Rabbit wouldn’t listen and he shouted at Hippo, “You did that on purpose! Someday, you’ll see! You’re going to pay!”

Koellu ba buka ahi no dehan, “Ba sunu Hipopótamo bainhira nia sai husi bee laran ba han du’ut. Nia sama ha’u!” Ahi hatán, “La problema, Koellu, ha’u nia belun. Ha’u sei halo tuir buat ne’ebé o husu.”

Rabbit went to find Fire and said, “Go, burn Hippo when she comes out of the water to eat grass. She stepped on me!” Fire answered, “No problem, Rabbit, my friend. I’ll do just what you ask.”

Hafóin, Hipopótamo han hela du’ut dook husi mota bainhira, “Whoosh!” Ahi lakan sai boot. Ahi lakan boot hahú sunu Hipopótamo nia fulun.

Later, Hippo was eating grass far from the river when, “Whoosh!” Fire burst into flame. The flames began to burn Hippo’s hair.

Hipopótamo komesa tanis no halai ba bee. Ninia fulun hotu mutuk husi ahi. Hipopótamo kontinua tanis, “Ha’u nia fulun mutuk ona husi ahi lakan! Ha’u nia fulun sira ba hotu ona! Ha’u nia fulun furak!”

Hippo started to cry and ran for the water. All her hair was burned off by the fire. Hippo kept crying, “My hair has burned in the fire! My hair is all gone! My beautiful hair!”

Koellu kontente tanba Hipopótamo nia fulun mutuk. No to’o ohin loron, nia ta’uk ba ahi lakan, Hipopótamo nunka dook husi bee.

Rabbit was happy that Hippo’s hair was burned. And to this day, for fear of fire, the hippo never goes far from the water.

Written by: Basilio Gimo, David Ker
Illustrated by: Carol Liddiment
Translated by: Vitalina dos Santos
Read by: Aurelio da Costa, Vitalina dos Santos, Criscencia R. Da Costa Viana
Language: Tetum
Level: Level 2
Source: Why hippos have no hair from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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