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سزا ورکونه Punishment

Written by Adelheid Marie Bwire

Illustrated by Melany Pietersen

Translated by Darakhte Danesh

Language Pashto

Level Level 2

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یوه ورځ مور جانې ډېره میوه راوړه.

One day, mama got a lot of fruit.

موږ کله لږه میوه خوړلای شو؟ موږ وپوښتل. مور جانې وویل، موږ به دا میوه د شپې خوړو.

“When can we have some fruit?” we ask. “We will have the fruit tonight,” says mama.

زما ورور رحیم حریص دی. هغه ټوله میوه څکي. هغه ډېره میوه خوري.

My brother Rahim is greedy. He tastes all the fruit. He eats a lot of it.

زما کوچنی ورور چغه کړه، دا اوګورئ رحیم څه کړي؟ ما وویل، رحیم ډېر وران او خود خواه دی.

“Look at what Rahim did!” shouts my little brother. “Rahim is naughty and selfish,” I say.

مور جانه رحیم ته په غصه ده.

Mother is angry with Rahim.

موږ هم رحیم ته په غصه یو. مګر رحیم هیڅ خفه نه دی.

We are also angry with Rahim. But Rahim is not sorry.

زما کوچنی ورور وپوښتل، آیا تاسو رحیم ته جزا نه ورکوئ؟

“Aren’t you going to punish Rahim?” asks little brother.

رحیمه، ته به ډېر ژر بخښنه وغواړې. مور جانې وویل.

“Rahim, soon you will be sorry,” warns mama.

رحیم ناروغ شو.

Rahim starts to feel sick.

زما خیټه درد کوي. رحیم په ورو وویل.

“My tummy is so sore,” whispers Rahim.

مور جانه پوهېدله چې داسې به کېږي. میوه رحیم ته جزا ورکوي!

Mama knew this would happen. The fruit is punishing Rahim!

وروسته رحیم له موږ ټولو څخه بخښنه وغوښته. زه به نور هیڅ کله حریص نه اوسم. هغه ژمنه وکړه. او موږ ټول په هغه باور لرو.

Later, Rahim says sorry to us. “I will never be so greedy again,” he promises. And we all believe him.

Written by: Adelheid Marie Bwire
Illustrated by: Melany Pietersen
Translated by: Darakhte Danesh
Language: Pashto
Level: Level 2
Source: Punishment from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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