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یو ډیر لوړ سړی A very tall man

Written by Cornelius Gulere

Illustrated by Catherine Groenewald

Translated by Darakhte Danesh

Language Pashto

Level Level 2

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د هغه رمبۍ ډير لنډ وو.

His hoe was too short.

د هغه دروازه ډیره ټیټه وه.

His doorway was too low.

د هغه تخت ډير لنډ وو.

His bed was too short.

د هغه بایسیکل ډیر لنډ وو.

His bicycle was too short.

هغه سړۍ ډير لوړ وو.

This man was too tall!

هغه خپل رمبي ته اوږد لاستۍ جوړ کړ.

He made a very long hoe handle.

هغه خپله دروازه لوړه کړه.

He made very high door frames.

هغه خپل تخت اوږد کړ.

He made a very long bed.

هغه یو جیګ بایسیکل واخیست.

He bought a very high bicycle.

هغه په یوې لوړې چوکۍ کښیناست. هغه په یوې اوږدې پنجې ډوډۍ وخوړه.

He sat on a very high chair. He ate with a very long fork.

هغه خپل کوړ پریښود او په یوه لوۍ ځنګله کې ووسید. او هلته تر ډېر کلونو یې ژوند وکړ.

He left his house and lived in a big forest. He lived for many years.

Written by: Cornelius Gulere
Illustrated by: Catherine Groenewald
Translated by: Darakhte Danesh
Language: Pashto
Level: Level 2
Source: A very tall man from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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