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Pinision Punishment

Written by Adelheid Marie Bwire

Illustrated by Melany Pietersen

Translated by Shameem Oozeerally & MIE French Students

Language Mauritian Creole

Level Level 2

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Enn zour, mama finn ramas enn ta fri.

One day, mama got a lot of fruit.

Nou finn dimann li : « Kan nou pou kapav manz bann fri-la ? » Mama dir, « Tanto nou pou manz zot. »

“When can we have some fruit?” we ask. “We will have the fruit tonight,” says mama.

Mo frer Rahim gourman. Li’nn gout tou bann fri-la. Li’inn manz enn ta.

My brother Rahim is greedy. He tastes all the fruit. He eats a lot of it.

« Get ki Rahim inn fer ! », mo ti frer finn kriye. Ek mwa mo’nn dir : « Rahim bien move ek egois. »

“Look at what Rahim did!” shouts my little brother. “Rahim is naughty and selfish,” I say.

Mama finn ankoler ar Rahim.

Mother is angry with Rahim.

Nou si nou’nn ankoler ar Rahim. Me Rahim pa ti regret nanye.

We are also angry with Rahim. But Rahim is not sorry.

« To pa pou pini Rahim ? », ti frer dimande.

“Aren’t you going to punish Rahim?” asks little brother.

« Rahim, biento to pou regrete, pa dir mama pa’nn dir ! »

“Rahim, soon you will be sorry,” warns mama.

Rahim pa santi li bien.

Rahim starts to feel sick.

Li plengne : « Mo vant pe fermal ! »

“My tummy is so sore,” whispers Rahim.

Mama ti kone ki ti pou ariv sa. Bann fri-la ki pe pini Rahim !

Mama knew this would happen. The fruit is punishing Rahim!

Plitar, Rahim finn vinn dimann exkiz ek finn fer promes : « Zame mo pou re fer gourman. » E nou finn krwar li.

Later, Rahim says sorry to us. “I will never be so greedy again,” he promises. And we all believe him.

Written by: Adelheid Marie Bwire
Illustrated by: Melany Pietersen
Translated by: Shameem Oozeerally & MIE French Students
Language: Mauritian Creole
Level: Level 2
Source: Punishment from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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