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Andiswa, gran zwer foutborl Andiswa Soccer Star

Written by Eden Daniels

Illustrated by Eden Daniels

Translated by Shameem Oozeerally & MIE French Students

Language Mauritian Creole

Level Level 2

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Andiswa ti pe get bann garson zwe foutborl. Li ti pe swete kapav zwenn zot. Li’nn demande si li kapav pratike avek zot.

Andiswa watched the boys play soccer. She wished that she could join them. She asked the coach if she can practise with them.

Antrener-la inn met so lame lor so lerin. « Dan sa lekol-la, zis bann garson ki gagn drwa zwe foutborl, » li’nn dir.

The coach put his hands on his hips. “At this school, only boys are allowed to play soccer,” he said.

Bann garson finn dir li al zwe netborl. Zot finn dir ki netborl ti pou bann tifi ek ki foutborl ti pou bann garson. Andiswa ti’nn ankoler.

The boys told her to go play netball. They said that netball is for girls and soccer is for boys. Andiswa was upset.

Landime, ti ena enn gran match foutborl dan lekol. Antrener-la ti pe gagn traka parski so meyer zwer ti malad ek pa ti kapav zwe.

The next day, the school had a big soccer match. The coach was worried because his best player was sick and could not play.

Andiswa finn galoup ver antrener-la ek li’nn sipliy li les li zwe. Antrener-la pa ti kone ki pou fer. Finalman, li’nn desid pou les Andiswa zwenn lekip.

Andiswa ran to the coach and begged him to let her to play. The coach was not sure what to do. Then he decided that Andiswa could join the team.

Match-la ti difisil. Ler mi-tan, pa ti ena enn sel dimounn ki ti’nn resi met enn gorl.

The game was tough. Nobody had scored a goal by half time.

Pandan deziem peryod match-la, enn parmi bann garson-la finn pass Andiswa boul-la. Li’nn deplas li bien vit ver poto. Li’nn donn enn gro koutpie dan boul-la ek li’nn met enn gorl.

During the second half of the match one of the boys passed the ball to Andiswa. She moved very fast towards the goal post. She kicked the ball hard and scored a goal.

Lafoul ti’nn vinn fou avek lazwa. Depi sa zour-la, bann tifi gagn drwa zwe foutborl dan lekol.

The crowd went wild with joy. Since that day, girls were also allowed to play soccer at the school.

Written by: Eden Daniels
Illustrated by: Eden Daniels
Translated by: Shameem Oozeerally & MIE French Students
Language: Mauritian Creole
Level: Level 2
Source: Andiswa Soccer Star from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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