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Poul ek Milpat Chicken and Millipede

Written by Winny Asara

Illustrated by Magriet Brink

Translated by Shameem Oozeerally & MIE French Students

Language Mauritian Creole

Level Level 3

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Poul ek Milpat ti kamarad. Me zot ti touzour an konpetision. Enn zour zot finn desid pou zwe foutborl pou gete ki sann-la meyer zwer.

Chicken and Millipede were friends. But they were always competing with each other. One day they decided to play football to see who the best player was.

Zot finn al lor terin foutborl ek zot finn koumans zwe. Poul-la ti rapid me Milpat-la ti pli rapid. Poul-la ti pe avoy boul lwin me Milpat-la ti pe avoy li ankor pli lwin. Poul-la ti pe koumans ankoler.

They went to the football field and started their game. Chicken was fast, but Millipede was faster. Chicken kicked far, but Millipede kicked further. Chicken started to feel grumpy.

Zot finn desid pou tir penalti. Kan finn koumanse se Poul-la ki ti gorli. Apre ti tour Milpat-la pou fer gorli.

They decided to play a penalty shoot-out. First Millipede was goal keeper. Chicken scored only one goal. Then it was the chicken’s turn to defend the goal.

Milpat tap boul ek met enn gorl. Milpat drible avek boul-la ek li finn met enn gorl . Milpat-la met enn kout tet ek tire. Milpat met sink gorl.

Millipede kicked the ball and scored. Millipede dribbled the ball and scored. Millipede headed the ball and scored. Millipede scored five goals.

Poul-la ti ankoler ki li finn perdi. Li ti enn move perdan. Milpat-la koumans riye parski so kamarad ti pe fer enn ta zes.

Chicken was furious that she lost. She was a very bad loser. Millipede started laughing because his friend was making such a fuss.

Poul-la ti telman ankoler ki li finn ouver so larz labek pou aval milpat-la.

Chicken was so angry that she opened her beak wide and swallowed the millipede.

Alor ki poul-la ti pe al lakaz, li rankont mama milpat la. Mama milpat la demande, « eski to finn trouv mo zanfan ? ». Poul-la pa reponn. Mama milpat la ti bien inkiet.

As Chicken was walking home, she met Mother Millipede. Mother Millipede asked, “Have you seen my child?” Chicken didn’t say anything. Mother Millipede was worried.

Lerla, mama milpat la tann enn ti lavwa. « ed mwa ma ! » lavwa-la ti p kriye. Mama milpat la get otour li ek ekoute atantivman. Lavwa-la ti pe vinn depi dan poul-la.

Then Mother Millipede heard a tiny voice. “Help me mom!” cried the voice. Mother Millipede looked around and listened carefully. The voice came from inside the chicken.

Mama milpat la inn kriye « servi to bann pouvwar spesial mo zanfan ! » Bann milpat-la ena kapasite santi move pi ek gagn move gou. Poul-la inn koumans santi li pa bien.

Mother Millipede shouted, “Use your special power my child!” Millipedes can make a bad smell and a terrible taste. Chicken began to feel ill.

Poul-la inn rote. Apre li’nn avale ek li finn krase. Apre li’nn terne ek touse. Ek touse. Milpat-la ti degoutan !

Chicken burped. Then she swallowed and spat. Then she sneezed and coughed. And coughed. The millipede was disgusting!

Poul-la inn res touse ziska ki li’nn kras milpat ki ti dan so lestoma la. Mama milpat la ek so zanfant finn ranpe ziska enn pie pou zot kasiet.

Chicken coughed until she coughed out the millipede that was in her stomach. Mother Millipede and her child crawled up a tree to hide.

Depi sa, bann poul ek bann milpat zot lennmi.

From that time, chickens and millipedes were enemies.

Written by: Winny Asara
Illustrated by: Magriet Brink
Translated by: Shameem Oozeerally & MIE French Students
Language: Mauritian Creole
Level: Level 3
Source: Chicken and Millipede from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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