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Ponishment Punishment

Written by Adelheid Marie Bwire

Illustrated by Melany Pietersen

Translated by Georgette McGlashen

Language Jamaican Creole

Level Level 2

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Wan die mama get a uol iip a fruut.

One day, mama got a lot of fruit.

“Wen wi kyan get som fruut?” we aks ar se. “Wi a go iit di fruut tunait,” mama se.

“When can we have some fruit?” we ask. “We will have the fruit tonight,” says mama.

Mi breda Rayiim krievn. Im tek piis a aal a di fruut dem. Im iit out uol iip a it.

My brother Rahim is greedy. He tastes all the fruit. He eats a lot of it.

“Luk pon we Rayiim du!” mi likl breda baal out. “Rayiim naav no biyievya an im selfish,” mi se.

“Look at what Rahim did!” shouts my little brother. “Rahim is naughty and selfish,” I say.

Mama beks wid Rayiim.

Mother is angry with Rahim.

Aal a wi beks wid Rayiim. Bot Rayiim no sari.

We are also angry with Rahim. But Rahim is not sorry.

“Yu naa go ponish Rayiim?” mi likl breda aks.

“Aren’t you going to punish Rahim?” asks little brother.

“Rayiim, yu suuhn sari,” mama waan im se.

“Rahim, soon you will be sorry,” warns mama.

Rayiim staat fiil sik.

Rahim starts to feel sick.

“Mi beli a ort mi,” Rayiim bieli se.

“My tummy is so sore,” whispers Rahim.

Mama nuo se dis did a go apm. Di fruut a ponish Rayiim!

Mama knew this would happen. The fruit is punishing Rahim!

Lieta, Rayiim se sari tu aal a wi. “Mi wi neva bi so krievn agen,” im swier se. An aal a wi biliiv im.

Later, Rahim says sorry to us. “I will never be so greedy again,” he promises. And we all believe him.

Written by: Adelheid Marie Bwire
Illustrated by: Melany Pietersen
Translated by: Georgette McGlashen
Language: Jamaican Creole
Level: Level 2
Source: Punishment from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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