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منداڵانی مۆمی Children of wax

Written by Southern African Folktale

Illustrated by Wiehan de Jager

Translated by Agri Afshin

Language Kurdish (Sorani)

Level Level 2

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رۆژێك له ڕۆژان، بنەماڵەیەكی به‌خته‌وه‌ر هەبوو.

Once upon a time, there lived a happy family.

ئەوان قەت بەیەكەوە ده‌مه‌‌قاڵیان نه‌ده‌کرد. ئەوان لە ماڵەوە و لە كێڵگە یارمەتی دایك و بابیان دەدا.

They never fought with each other. They helped their parents at home and in the fields.

بەڵام ئەوان بۆیان نەبوو لە ئاگر نزیك ببنەوە.

But they were not allowed to go near a fire.

ئەوان دەبوایە هەموو كارەكانیان لە شەودا کردبا. چونكە ئەوان لە مۆم دروست كرابوون!

They had to do all their work during the night. Because they were made of wax!

به‌ڵام یەكێك لە كوڕەكان ئارەزووی ئەوە بوو به رۆژی رووناك بچێتە دەرەوە.

But one of the boys longed to go out in the sunlight.

رۆژێكیان حەزەكەی لە رادەبەدەر بوو. براكانی ئاگاداریان كردەوە.

One day the longing was too strong. His brothers warned him…

بەڵام ئیتر زۆر درەنگ ببوو! ئەو لەبەر گەرمای خۆرەكە توایەوە.

But it was too late! He melted in the hot sun.

منداڵە مۆمییەكان زۆر خەمبار بوون به وەی كە بینیان براكەیان تواوه‌ته‌وه.

The wax children were so sad to see their brother melting away.

بەڵام ئەوان پلانێکیان دانا. ئەوان له مۆمە تواوەكە په‌یکه‌ری باڵندەیەكیان دروست کرد.

But they made a plan. They shaped the lump of melted wax into a bird.

ئەوان برا باڵندەكەیان هەڵگرت و لەسەر لوتكەی چیایەكی بەرزیان دانا.

They took their bird brother up to a high mountain.

کاتێک خۆر هه‌ڵات، ئەو به گۆرانی گوتنەوە له گه‌ڵ تیشکی به‌ره‌بانی هه‌ڵفڕی.

And as the sun rose, he flew away singing into the morning light.

Written by: Southern African Folktale
Illustrated by: Wiehan de Jager
Translated by: Agri Afshin
Language: Kurdish (Sorani)
Level: Level 2
Source: Children of wax from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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