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تیمساحی برسی The hungry crocodile

Written by Christian G.

Illustrated by Wiehan de Jager

Translated by Agri Afshin

Language Kurdish (Sorani)

Level Level 1

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رۆژێك لە رۆژان تیمساحێكی زۆر برسی هەبوو.

Once there was a very hungry crocodile.

ئەو بە بێدەنگی و لەسەرەخۆ بە دوای خۆراكدا دەگەڕا. و چاوی ده‌گێڕا…

He searched for food slowly and quietly. And then…

له نه‌کاو! تیمساحەكە نێچیرێكی راو كرد!

POW!!! The crocodile strikes!

لە دوای ئەوە تیمساحەكە چیتر برسی نەبوو و ئەو ڕازی بوو.

After that he is no longer hungry, and he is happy.

تا ئەو كاتەی كە ئەو دووبارە برسی دەبێتەوە.

Until he gets hungry again.

Written by: Christian G.
Illustrated by: Wiehan de Jager
Translated by: Agri Afshin
Language: Kurdish (Sorani)
Level: Level 1
Source: The hungry crocodile from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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