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سەیری ئاژەڵەكان بكەن Look at the animals

Written by Jenny Katz

Illustrated by Sandy Campbell

Translated by Agri Afshin

Language Kurdish (Sorani)

Level Level 1

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سەیری ئاژەڵەكان بكەن.

Look at the animals.

مانگا “بۆڕە بۆڕ” دەكات.

The cow says, “Moo.”

بزن “باڕە باڕ”دەكات.

The goat says, “Meh, meh.”

ئەسپ “حیلە حیل” دەكات.

The horse says, “Neigh.”

بەراز “مرخە مرخ” دەكات.

The pig says, “Grunt.”

مریشك “گارە گار” دەكات.

The chicken says, “Cluck.”

سەگ “حەپە حەپ” دەكات.

The dog says, “Woof.”

جوتیار دەڵێ: “ششششششش!”

The farmer says, “Shhh!”

Written by: Jenny Katz
Illustrated by: Sandy Campbell
Translated by: Agri Afshin
Language: Kurdish (Sorani)
Level: Level 1
Source: Look at the animals from African Storybook
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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