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Wanuna Wo Leha Swinene A very tall man Un homme très grand

Written by Cornelius Gulere

Illustrated by Catherine Groenewald

Translated by Elias Macuacua

Language Tsonga

Level Level 2

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Xikomu xa yena a xi komile

His hoe was too short.

Sa houe était trop courte.

Rivanti ra yena a ri komile

His doorway was too low.

Sa porte d’entrée était trop basse.

Mubedo wa yena a wu komile

His bed was too short.

Son lit était trop court.

Basikiri ya yena a yi komile

His bicycle was too short.

Sa bicyclette était trop petite.

Wanuma loyi a lehe swinene

This man was too tall!

Cet homme était trop grand.

U endlile xikomu xo leha swinene

He made a very long hoe handle.

Il fabriqua un long manche pour sa houe.

U endile rivanti ro leha swinene

He made very high door frames.

Il agrandit ses portes.

U endlie mubedo wo leya swinene

He made a very long bed.

Il fabriqua un très grand lit.

U xavile basikiri ro leha

He bought a very high bicycle.

Il acheta une bicyclette très haute.

U tshama xitshwan’wini xo leha swinene. U dya hi foroko ro leha.

He sat on a very high chair. He ate with a very long fork.

Il s’assit sur une chaise très haute et mangea avec une très grande fourchette.

U siyile yindlu ya yena a ya tshama e nhoveni. U tshamile malembe yotala.

He left his house and lived in a big forest. He lived for many years.

Il quitta sa maison et vécut dans une grande forêt. Il vécut pendant de longues années.

Written by: Cornelius Gulere
Illustrated by: Catherine Groenewald
Translated by: Elias Macuacua
Language: Tsonga
Level: Level 2
Source: A very tall man from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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