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Anansi n’Obwenge Anansi and Wisdom Anansi et la sagesse

Written by Ghanaian folktale

Illustrated by Wiehan de Jager

Translated by Amos Mubunga Kambere

Language Lukhonzo

Level Level 3

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Kera Kera abandu sibabya basi kindu. Isibasi erihera ebyalia, kutse erilhanda esyo’ngyimba, kutse erikolha emighera. Omulimu Nyame owo mwamwanya aby’awithe obwenge bwosi omwakihugho. Mwabubika ndeke omwiregha, ly’eribumba.

Long long ago people didn’t know anything. They didn’t know how to plant crops, or how to weave cloth, or how to make iron tools. The god Nyame up in the sky had all the wisdom of the world. He kept it safe in a clay pot.

Il y a longtemps, les gens ne savaient rien. Ils ne savaient pas comment ensemmencer et cultiver leurs champs, ou comment tisser, ou comment fabriquer des outils de fer. Le dieu Nyame dans le ciel avait toute la sagesse du monde. Il la gardait en sécurité dans un pot en argile.

Kiro kighuma, Nyame mwathwamu erihererya eriregha ly’obwenge ly’Anansi. Bulindambi Anansi anabya amalebya omw’iregha, inyakaminya ekindu kihyaka. Neryo inyakatsema!

One day, Nyame decided that he would give the pot of wisdom to Anansi. Every time Anansi looked in the clay pot, he learned something new. It was so exciting!

Un jour, Nyame décida qu’il donnerait le pot de la sagesse à Anansi. Chaque fois qu’Anansi regardait dans le pot en argile, il apprenait quelque chose de nouveau. C’était tellement excitant !

Neryo Omuhanya owomururu Anansi mwalengekania, “ngendibisa iriregha omwamuthi eyiwulhu kutsibu. Neryo nangayimirya amange wingyowene”. Neryo mwatimbia ekihururu kirikiri okw’iregha neryo amaboheralyo okwalibunda. Amatsuka erisamba omwamuthi. Nikwa neryo amalemwa erisamba kusangwa eriregha mulyabya likathulha okwa maru akabugha athi akasamba.

Greedy Anansi thought, “I’ll keep the pot safe at the top of a tall tree. Then I can have it all to myself!” He spun a long thread, wound it round the clay pot, and tied it to his stomach. He began to climb the tree. But it was hard climbing the tree with the pot bumping him in the knees all the time.

Anansi, l’avide, pensa: « Je vais garder le pot en sécurité en haut d’un grand arbre. Comme ça je pourrai l’avoir à moi seul ! » Il fila un fil long, l’enroula autour du pot en argile et l’attacha à son estomac. Il commença à grimper à l’arbre. Mais c’était difficile de grimper à l’arbre avec le pot qui lui cognait les genoux tout le temps.

Obo endambi yosi mughalha wa Anansi abya inyane ahisi akathasamalira kwa akasamba. Neryo amabulya, “sikyangabere kibuya kawabohera eriregha ly’okwamughongo?” Anansi mwalengesya eribohera eriregha ly’obwenge okwamughongo,neryo kyamamubera kyolho erisamba.

All the time Anansi’s young son had been standing at the bottom of the tree watching. He said, “Wouldn’t it be easier to climb if you tied the pot to your back instead?” Anansi tried tying the clay pot full of wisdom to his back, and it really was a lot easier.

Pendant tout ce temps, le jeune fils d’Anansi était debout en bas de l’arbre en train de regarder. « Au lieu de faire ceci, ne serait-il pas plus facile d’attacher le pot à ton dos ? » Anansi essaya d’attacher le pot rempli de sagesse à son dos et ce fut vraiment plus facile.

Neryo omwakathambi kake amahika okwa kasweswe komuthi. Neryo amimana nerilengekania, “ningye ngatholere eribya n’obwenge, kandi ibwa mughalha wayi yowamanyilenga obwenge!” Anansi neryo amahithana, amapura eriregha ly’eribumba amalitsungya ahisi y’omuthi.

In no time he reached the top of the tree. But then he stopped and thought, “I’m supposed to be the one with all the wisdom, and here my son was cleverer than me!” Anansi was so angry about this that he threw the clay pot down out of the tree.

En peu de temps il atteignit le sommet de l’arbre. Mais il arrêta et pensa, « Je suis censé être celui qui a toute la sagesse et voici que mon fils est plus sage que moi ! » Anansi était tellement fâché à propos de ceci qu’il lança le pot en argile en bas de l’arbre.

Lyamawa ahisi, lyamathulhangika mwa bitsweka binganabi. Neryo obwenge bwamabya bwabulimundu eriyimirya bwa bbule. Neryo abandu bamaminya erihingha, erilhanda esyangyimba, erihesa emighera, nebindi binene ebya bandu basi munabwire.

It smashed into pieces on the ground. The wisdom was free for everyone to share. And that is how people learned to farm, to weave cloth, to make iron tools, and all the other things that people know how to do.

Le pot se cassa en mille morceaux sur le sol. La sagesse fut accessible à tous. Et c’est ainsi que les gens apprirent à cultiver, tisser, fabriquer des outils de fer, et toutes les autres choses que les gens savent faire.

Written by: Ghanaian folktale
Illustrated by: Wiehan de Jager
Translated by: Amos Mubunga Kambere
Language: Lukhonzo
Level: Level 3
Source: Anansi and Wisdom from African Storybook
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.
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