Story # Title License
0001 A very tall man CC-BY
0002 Look at the animals CC-BY-NC
0003 School clothes CC-BY-NC
0004 Goat, Dog, and Cow CC-BY
0005 Anansi and Turtle CC-BY
0006 Anansi and Wisdom CC-BY
0007 Looking for water CC-BY
0008 What are you doing? CC-BY
0009 Where is my cat? CC-BY-NC
0010 The Animals of Uganda CC-BY
0011 Father and son CC-BY
0012 My Village CC-BY
0013 Letter to mum CC-BY
0014 Girl called Norah CC-BY
0015 Together We’re Strong CC-BY
0016 My friend Coco CC-BY
0017 Zanele Situ: My Story CC-BY
0018 Why is Yayeri great? CC-BY
0019 My first day at the market CC-BY
0020 Pickpocketer CC-BY
0021 Dembe the shopkeeper CC-BY
0022 My baby boy CC-BY
0023 Lion that wanted friendship CC-BY
0024 The Sick Hyena CC-BY
0025 Stealing CC-BY
0026 Imagine CC-BY
0027 Decision CC-BY
0028 The Race CC-BY
0029 Sniffles the crocodile and Punch the butterfly CC-BY
0030 Feelings CC-BY-NC
0031 Kisirusiru, the foolish one CC-BY
0032 where is the rat? CC-BY
0033 The Big Juicy Mango CC-BY
0034 Greedy Hyena CC-BY
0035 Wind CC-BY
0036 Miss Helen’s Magical World CC-BY
0037 King of birds CC-BY
0038 Neymar’s visit to Africa CC-BY
0039 First man and first woman CC-BY
0040 Kato Clever and the big trouble CC-BY
0041 My family CC-BY-NC
0042 Hungry jackal and the sour grapes CC-BY
0043 Fire’s story CC-BY
0044 Why the library was built? CC-BY
0045 The clever jackal and the foolish crow CC-BY
0046 Monkey’s visit to the hunter’s home CC-BY
0047 My new shirt CC-BY
0048 Rabbit under the tree CC-BY
0049 The Rainbow CC-BY
0050 What type of teeth? CC-BY
0051 The day we saw the rainbow CC-BY
0052 Simbegwire CC-BY
0053 This is me CC-BY-NC
0054 How tortoise’s nose became crooked CC-BY
0055 Baby snatched by cranes CC-BY
0056 Clever cat CC-BY
0057 Sane in the market CC-BY
0058 Soccer game CC-BY
0059 Akai’s special mat CC-BY
0060 Nakitto at school CC-BY
0061 Flowers CC-BY
0062 Nangila’s courage CC-BY
0063 Hen tricks Eagle CC-BY
0064 Joy goes to school CC-BY
0065 Ah! Football! CC-BY
0066 Nozibele and the three hairs CC-BY
0067 Cooking CC-BY-NC
0068 How many? CC-BY-NC
0069 My new friends CC-BY
0070 Katitu Momambo, the clever little girl CC-BY
0071 Our river, our life CC-BY
0072 The Honeyguide’s revenge CC-BY
0073 Counting CC-BY-NC
0074 The Clever Little Bird CC-BY
0075 Sly jackal tricks the silly donkey CC-BY
0076 The Hornbill CC-BY
0077 The Bleeding Apple CC-BY
0078 The adventures of Supercow CC-BY-NC
0079 Jojo And Cow CC-BY
0080 Namoratunga CC-BY
0081 Forest of snakes CC-BY
0082 Lion is sick CC-BY
0083 Graca’s dream CC-BY
0084 Demane and Demazane CC-BY
0085 An egg for bride wealth CC-BY
0086 Things I do at school CC-BY
0087 I like to read CC-BY
0088 Young Palinyang’ CC-BY
0089 Khalai talks to plants CC-BY
0090 Huts in our village CC-BY
0091 Adun, the beautiful CC-BY
0092 Hare and Tortoise (Again!) CC-BY
0093 My baby boy CC-BY
0094 Anansi, the crows, and the crocodiles CC-BY
0095 Zama is great! CC-BY
0096 Rainbow visits the village CC-BY
0097 Silly Sizwe CC-BY
0098 A cow is my friend CC-BY
0099 Azizi the doll CC-BY
0100 Jaaka the fisherman CC-BY
0101 The Cooking Game CC-BY
0102 Kalabushe the talkative CC-BY
0103 Singing the Truth: The Story of Miriam Makeba CC-BY
0104 Letter to mum CC-BY
0105 Ms Phone CC-BY
0106 Namukuru’s bicycle CC-BY
0107 Jackal and the sun CC-BY
0108 Dima and Owl CC-BY
0109 Lekishon and the cows CC-BY
0110 A Tiny Seed: The Story of Wangari Maathai CC-BY
0111 Why hippos have no hair CC-BY
0112 My body CC-BY-NC
0113 New pussy cat CC-BY
0114 The Cat and the Rats CC-BY
0115 Elephant and Chameleon CC-BY
0116 Wamaŋe the weak man CC-BY
0117 Friendship between Hyena and Hare CC-BY
0118 Tselane and the giant CC-BY
0119 What colors do you like? CC-BY
0120 Hair CC-BY-NC
0121 Porridge CC-BY
0122 I love to read CC-BY
0123 Let’s go CC-BY-NC
0124 A Fish and a Gift CC-BY
0125 Monkey Eats his Own Tail CC-BY
0126 Clouds CC-BY
0127 Different Plays CC-BY
0128 The girl who played CC-BY
0129 Lazy little brother CC-BY-NC
0130 My grandma CC-BY
0131 Fun at the farm CC-BY
0132 No pigs allowed CC-BY
0133 Little Badger goes to the moon CC-BY
0134 If I were… CC-BY
0135 Monkey Eats his Own Tail CC-BY
0136 Hamisi’s lucky day CC-BY
0137 Locusts CC-BY
0138 Oscar the Shark CC-BY-NC
0139 Crocodile in my body CC-BY
0140 Bathtub Safari CC-BY
0141 Chicken and Millipede CC-BY
0142 The boy who would not listen CC-BY
0143 My red ball CC-BY
0144 A Trip to Zanzibar CC-BY
0145 Inyang and the Bird CC-BY
0146 My first Trip to kampala CC-BY
0147 My family and I CC-BY
0148 Sundya’s smelly mouth CC-BY
0149 The Moon and the Cap CC-BY
0150 Disagreement among occupations CC-BY
0151 Weather CC-BY
0152 What is wrong child? CC-BY
0153 Rats! CC-BY
0154 Monkey and the hunter’s wife CC-BY
0155 The Jungle School CC-BY
0156 The hungry crocodile CC-BY
0157 Children like to play CC-BY
0158 Hen and Eagle CC-BY
0159 Cow with one horn CC-BY
0160 Disability is not inability CC-BY
0161 Keke’s swing CC-BY
0162 Hare and Hyena CC-BY
0163 A dog CC-BY
0164 Hare and Elephant CC-BY
0165 Mulongo and the ogre CC-BY
0166 The girl who got rich CC-BY
0167 The seventh sun: A tribal tale from Odisha, India CC-BY
0168 Pam-Pam bird CC-BY
0169 Anansi gives people stories CC-BY
0170 Hyena and Raven CC-BY
0171 The boy who played CC-BY
0172 Fruits CC-BY
0173 The Rain Bird CC-BY-NC
0174 Who is big? CC-BY
0175 The chase CC-BY
0176 Listen CC-BY-NC
0177 Little dog CC-BY
0178 Why Ajao was not buried CC-BY
0179 Red CC-BY-NC
0180 Vayu, the wind CC-BY
0181 Sunday at the park CC-BY
0182 Kabali and Kateera CC-BY
0183 Hare tricks Elephant again CC-BY
0184 Mulongo and the hyenas CC-BY
0185 How night came to Opio’s village CC-BY
0186 Tjenga and the eland man CC-BY
0187 Anna and the three hairs CC-BY
0188 My mother planted CC-BY
0189 Hare the trickster CC-BY
0190 Esther takes mummy’s sweets CC-BY
0191 What shall I use to travel? CC-BY
0192 Hope is a Peanut Butter Sandwich CC-BY
0193 Two hungry boys CC-BY-NC
0194 Animals, Animals CC-BY
0195 Sindiwe and the Fireflies CC-BY
0196 The baboons that went this way and that CC-BY
0197 Dog and Crocodile CC-BY
0198 Soccer game Chiefs and Aces CC-BY
0199 I can do this CC-BY-NC
0200 Amazing Daisy CC-BY
0201 Donkey Child CC-BY
0202 Refiloe and the washed chickens CC-BY
0203 Searching for the spirit of Spring CC-BY
0204 Akatope CC-BY
0205 Sound Aaa CC-BY
0206 Teeth CC-BY-NC
0207 The wise man CC-BY
0208 Inyang and the Bird CC-BY
0209 Greedy Mairu CC-BY
0210 Tingi and the Cows CC-BY
0211 A hot Saturday CC-BY
0212 My little goat CC-BY
0213 Rooster and Hare CC-BY
0214 The rat CC-BY
0215 Breakfast CC-BY-NC
0216 The day the sun went away CC-BY
0217 My teacher CC-BY
0218 Grandmother and the Smelly Girl CC-BY
0219 Rain for Nomvula CC-BY
0220 Keeper and his special nursery CC-BY
0221 Guilty Conscience CC-BY
0222 Devil’s scarf CC-BY
0223 Domestic animals CC-BY-NC
0224 The Dancing Goat CC-BY
0225 Clever goats CC-BY
0226 The blacksmith’s dilemma CC-BY
0227 The Smell Thief CC-BY-NC
0228 Our wonderful world CC-BY
0229 The busy big mango tree CC-BY
0230 The generous fish CC-BY
0231 Weather book CC-BY-NC
0232 Sleepy Mr. Sloth CC-BY
0233 Rabbit Goes to a Party CC-BY
0234 Andiswa Soccer Star CC-BY-NC
0235 Crushed louse CC-BY
0236 King Kayanja and his daughter CC-BY
0237 Mr Mkhize’s quarters CC-BY
0238 Who wet the bed? CC-BY
0239 Namorutunga CC-BY
0240 Pendo our cow CC-BY
0241 Accident CC-BY-NC
0242 The Elephant and the Frogs CC-BY
0243 Holidays with grandmother CC-BY
0244 The girl with one breast CC-BY
0245 Our day at the zoo CC-BY
0246 The happy revival CC-BY
0247 The man who lived alone CC-BY
0248 My trip to the Zoo CC-BY
0249 Tortoise and rabbit’s journey to the bats’ party CC-BY
0250 Danger of abandoning a mother CC-BY
0251 Nonkungu and the imbulu CC-BY
0252 The tree that saved the village of Ombalantu CC-BY
0253 My Picture Book CC-BY
0254 Market cows CC-BY-NC
0255 The baboons that went this way and that CC-BY
0256 My first pair of shoes CC-BY
0257 Colours of a rainbow CC-BY
0258 The Animals of Uganda CC-BY
0259 A King Finds a Husband for His Princess CC-BY
0260 The boy who nobody loved CC-BY
0261 Fruit CC-BY
0262 Magozwe CC-BY
0263 Queen of Soweto: The Story of Basetsana Kumalo CC-BY
0264 Letters CC-BY-NC
0265 Tell me…now! Happy and sad CC-BY
0266 Bunty and Bubbly CC-BY
0267 A Dancer’s Tale: The Story of Phyllis Spira CC-BY
0268 A man who built a house CC-BY
0269 Soccer skills CC-BY
0270 Hare Tricks Tortoise CC-BY
0271 Two CC-BY-NC
0272 Lion’s fire sticks (Level 5) CC-BY
0273 Sizwe’s Smile CC-BY
0274 Animals dig a well CC-BY
0275 Lion’s fire sticks (Level 3) CC-BY
0276 Big blue bus CC-BY
0277 Friends CC-BY
0278 No Naughty Fingers, No Weird Websites CC-BY
0279 Rat and frog CC-BY
0280 Why Frog is So Ugly CC-BY
0281 How ant saved dove CC-BY
0282 Maddy Moona’s Menagerie CC-BY
0283 Teacher Akinyi CC-BY
0284 Come back, cat CC-BY
0285 Serious accident CC-BY
0286 Swimming CC-BY
0287 Mr Fly and Mr Big Head CC-BY
0288 Maguru gives out legs CC-BY
0289 Anansi and Vulture CC-BY
0290 The hours and minutes in Ismail’s day CC-BY
0291 What Vusi’s sister said CC-BY
0292 The Staring Game CC-BY
0293 I enjoy CC-BY
0294 Grandma’s bananas CC-BY
0295 The rainbow CC-BY
0296 Tom the banana seller CC-BY
0297 The tree wife CC-BY
0298 Kumbana’s child CC-BY
0299 Tortoise finds his house CC-BY
0300 The bleeding apple CC-BY
0301 Land of no old people CC-BY
0302 Fire CC-BY
0303 Namukhaywa CC-BY
0304 Greedy Kiundu CC-BY
0305 Selemeng’s cats CC-BY-NC
0306 My daughter Polar CC-BY
0307 Thandi misses her school bus CC-BY
0308 The Honeyguide’s revenge CC-BY
0309 Little and big CC-BY-NC
0310 Silkworm CC-BY-NC
0311 Dancing CC-BY
0312 Curious baby elephant CC-BY
0313 Brown CC-BY-NC
0314 What do you like? CC-BY
0315 Sakima’s song CC-BY
0316 The mango thieves CC-BY
0317 A King Finds a Husband for His Princess Wiwo CC-BY
0318 Too small CC-BY-NC
0319 Teacher Mulongo CC-BY-NC
0320 What are you doing? CC-BY
0321 Yellow CC-BY-NC
0322 One hot Saturday afternoon CC-BY
0323 The sprouting bean CC-BY-NC
0324 The day I left home for the city CC-BY
0325 Rat and frog CC-BY
0326 The talking bag CC-BY
0327 Counting animals CC-BY
0328 The tree that saved the village of Ombalantu CC-BY
0329 Lazy Anansi CC-BY
0330 A greedy boy CC-BY
0331 Rain CC-BY
0332 Lion and Warthog CC-BY
0333 A wise crow CC-BY
0334 The Frog and the Lizard CC-BY
0335 The friend I miss CC-BY
0336 Child as a peacemaker CC-BY
0337 Children of wax CC-BY
0338 ‘M’e Maneo’s pumpkin CC-BY
0339 New shoes CC-BY-NC
0340 The happy revival CC-BY
0341 Antoni ke bo mang bale CC-BY
0342 Punishment CC-BY
0343 Musau saves his father CC-BY
0344 How Tembe spends her day in life CC-BY
0345 Khayanga and her Gourd CC-BY
0346 Syonzola and his lies CC-BY
0347 The Monkey and the Crocodile CC-BY
0348 Things I know CC-BY
0349 Mod the Toad CC-BY
0350 A house for Mouse CC-BY
0351 Friends become enemies CC-BY
0352 Crocodile and Baboon CC-BY
0353 A naughty girl CC-BY
0354 Old rooster CC-BY
0355 Tell me…now! Colours CC-BY
0356 Where is my bat? CC-BY
0357 Mwari and the ogre CC-BY
0358 Mape the Dancing Ape CC-BY-NC
0359 My dog CC-BY
0360 Counting cats CC-BY-NC
0361 The Man and the Lion CC-BY
0362 Nanu’s taxi CC-BY
0363 The banana thieves CC-BY
0364 Houses CC-BY-NC